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We believe our range consisting of cheese, game birds, game meat, specialised poultry, full-blood wagyu beef, wagyu / Angus cross, grain & grass-fed beef, lamb, pasta, seafood, bush tucker and liquid egg products are the best available in the market from the highest quality certified & endorsed producers.

Commtrade offers its valued customers and suppliers strong well established distribution channels, providing a diverse range of quality produce directly from farms and manufacturers from around the world to meet your customer's needs.
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Our Philosophy

To continually research the Australian market and identify same like-minded, innovative and passionate quality producers of high-end Australian proteins and food related products. We aim to provide our export partners a continual and ever expanding product offering.

To educate, mentor, represent, create and build a sustainable export business in conjunction with quality brand partners, by introducing them to the best importers and distributors across the Middle East, Pacific Islands and South East Asian markets.

Many of these specialised international clients Commtrade has enjoyed strong trading relationships with for in-excess of 15 years.

During this time we have worked tirelessly in partnership to deliver and build many quality Australian brands across both the foodservice and retail markets throughout these regions.

Our commitment to our principles is to take care of their brands as if they were our own, and to ensure that the products are channelled through the best importers and distributors in each export market. We are committed to stand behind each brand working closely with the producer, importer and the end user customer to develop joint marketing strategies that deliver continual sales growth.

Commtrade Global Beginnings, History and Service Offering

Driven by a passion for quality produce and a love of International trading, Commtrade Global was founded by Scott Evans in 2005.

Scott commenced his career in banking before entering the international commodity trading business in 1987, developing a strong passion for international trade and a talent for building a solid bridge between supplier and customer.

  In 1994 Scott commenced with the family business Game Farm, a fully integrated producer and supplier of quality table game and specialised poultry. Under Scott's guidance and management Game Farm expanded rapidly to be the largest game bird producer in the Southern Hemisphere. This coincided with the introduction of Game Farm branded products to the international market. In 2005, Game Farm was purchased by Scott and the Management team from the 1st generation founders.

  Having grown the domestic business into a fully integrated primary producer and then having successfully launched the brand into the export market, Scott recognised the challenges that other specialised Australian primary producers may face when looking to export their quality brands overseas - especially if they have limited or no experience in international markets. Having been exposed to many great producers and companies at various Agri-Business and industry events it was clear that whilst they are all extremely passionate, hardworking and produce quality products, very few had the knowledge or connections to confidently expand their sales offshore. Thus, Commtrade Global was established.

Today, Commtrade Global has extremely strong and well established alliances with experienced and specialised food importers and distributors across the Middle East (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Jebel Ali) Cambodia, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore Thailand and Vietnam.

  Thanks to a vast network of boutique producers from countries including Australia, South America, China, Japan and South Africa our range of quality proteins and food related products are supplied into not only mainstream and gourmet retailers but also 4-7 star hotels, restaurants, cafes, caterers, shipping companies and airlines.

  Commtrade takes full financial responsibility for all the brands we represent. Commtrade places monthly orders directly with the local Australian producers / suppliers, and pays all supplier invoices. Further, Commtrade adds a margin to the purchase price and markets / on sells to their export client base, offering payment terms to approved export customers to assist them in managing their cash flow.

  All international shipping logistics, insurance, marketing and export sales is managed by Commtrade, leaving the producer the peace of mind to fully focus on producing a quality product whilst building the brand together.

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We strive to continue to be the best channel of quality fresh produce to our existing markets with a desire to build upon and expand our current international markets.
Whether you are a producer of boutique quality products suitable for the food service or retail markets or an importer and distributor in a market that we are currently not active and would like to know more about our business and the services we offer please do not hesitate to contact us today...

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